Access Control System Glossary Term T,Chennai India - ATSS


Tailgating: 1) More than one individual entering a secure area using one access card. 2) Following an authorized person into a secure area. Also Known As - Piggybacking. See Anti Passback.

Telephone Entry: An access control system that allows users outside a secure area to use a telephone to contact someone inside the secure area and request access.

Time and Attendance: The ability to utilize the time in and time out information per user for the purpose of keeping track of employee’s hours at a facility. Many time and attendance packages work as stand-alone systems, and interface with most payroll software.

Time Schedules: Allows for Access based on time of day, date and user. Also allows for holidays, etc.

Time zones: "Schedules" that allow cards to function or not function depending on the time of day. This is used to limit access to the facility. The schedule may include not only time but which days of the week a card is valid.

Touchpad: See Keypad.

Transients: Electrical surges or spikes conducted through power or data lines. Transients are typically generated as electrical devices are turned on or off. See: Suppression.

Transaction: A record created that contains pertinent information about an occurrence in the access control and monitoring system.

Transient Suppressor: A device that protects data lines from high transient such as lighting and inductive loads. They are recommended where there are data communications lines between the reader and its electronics which are subject to high-transient situations. Two are required: one at each end of the exposed communications lines.

Transorb: An electrical suppression device. See: Suppression.

Turnstile: An entryway that uses a mechanical device to restrict entry to one person at a time.

Twisted Pair: A cable composed of two small substantially insulated conductors, twisted together with or without a common covering. Belden 8720 cable, for instance, contains two twisted shielded pairs of stranded wire.