Access Control System Glossary Term W,Chennai India - ATSS


Wiegand Card Key: A plastic card, approximately the shape of a credit card, which has an embedded module of inert, specially treated ferromagnetic wires which generate a voltage pulse that can be sensed by a coil within the card reader.

Wiegand Card: An access control card based on the Wiegand effect. Small bits of specially processed wire are embedded in the card in a pattern that uniquely identifies the card. This identification information can then be decoded by a Wiegand reader.

Wiegand Compatible Devices: A propriatary coding format for information used by many of the suppliers of cards, key tags, proximity readers, magnetic stripe readers, bar code readers, and related items.

Wiegand Effect: Electrical pulses generated when individual sections of specially processed magnetic wire is passed by a pickup coil. Each section of this magnetic wire has its own magnetic field. Depending upon the strength of the individual magnetic fields, the pickup coil either senses a strong field or overpowers a weak field, which generates an electrical pulse.

Wiegand Reader:A reader capable of reading the information encoded on a Wiegand card.