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HID Corporation

A major manufacturer of contactless access control solutions. The main product line of the company is its 13.56 MHz iCLASS contactless readers and cards for physical and logical access control systems. Some of the most popular products in this line are ProxPoint short range reader, MiniProx medium range reader and IsoProxII printable card.


Product line was acquired by HID together with Sensor Engineering Co. in 1996. Wiegand readers and cards were one of the successful applications of the Wiegand Effect. Being reliable and difficult to duplicate Wiegand cards (and readers) became very popular in access control applications in the 80's. Wiegand interface used to transmit card ID number from reader to control panel became a de facto standard in the security industry and is supported by most readers up to date.

Indala Proximity

Product line was acquired by HID together with Motorola's RFID access control business in 2001. Technical specifications and selection of Indala Proximity products are nearly identical to those of HID Proximity.

iCLASS Contactless

The family of iCLASS Contactless readers and cards was developed and introduced by HID in 2002. Functionality and technical specifications of iCLASS readers and cards remained very similar to the HID Proximity line, however several significant enhancements were added. More powerful microchips used in iCLASS cards introduced read/write and encryption capabilities. Therefore in addition to basic access control applications, iCLASS cards may be used for payments, secure PC log on, and storing personal user information such as medical records or biometric data. iCLASS readers and cards communicate at 13.56Mhz frequency. iCLASS readers comply with the following contactless smart card standards: ISO15693, ISO14443 A/B & Sony FeliCa.


Reader business was acquired by HID from Dorado Products Inc. in 2003. This acquisition completed HID's portfolio of identification technologies by covering all the major options: contactless 125Khz and 13.56Mhz, Wiegand, biometric and magnetic.


Family of access and alarm control panels was developed and introduced by HID in 2005. This move, same as introduction of the iCLASS product line, showed that HID was trying to move from the 125Khz reader and card business, where it was facing rapidly growing competition, into the higher value and more profitable fields.


Family of products was developed and introduced by HID in 2007. Unlike standard access control readers that simply read and forward card numbers to a control panel, Edge IP readers have built-in intelligence to make access decisions locally, as well as an output necessary to control electric door lock and inputs to monitor state of door contact and exit button. Edge readers represent a significant step in the evolution of access control systems as they eliminate the need for traditional control panels and allow building 100% IP-based solutions.

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