Biometric Access Control System - Glossary Of Common Biometric Terms Chennai,India


Accuracy, Algorithm, ANSI, Application Program Interface (API), Arch, Attempt, Authentication, Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS), Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

Behavioral Biometric Characteristic, Benchmarking, Bifurcation, Binning, BioAPI, Biological Biometric Characteristic, Biometric(s), Biometric Consortium (BC), Biometric Data, Biometric Sample, Biometric System.

Capture, CBEFF, Challenge Response, Claim of Identity, Closed-set Identification, Comparison, Cooperative User, Core Point, Covert, Crossover Error Rate (CER), Cumulative Match Characteristic (CMC).

D-Prime (D’), Database, Decision, Degrees of Freedom, Delta Point, Detection and Identification Rate, Detection Error Trade-off (DET) Curve, Difference Score.

Eavesdropping, EFTS, Encryption, End User, Enrollment, Equal Error Rate (EER), Extraction.

Face Recognition, Failure to Acquire (FTA), Failure to Enroll (FTE), False Acceptance Rate (FAR), False Alarm Rate, False Match Rate, False Non-Match Rate, False Rejection Rate (FRR), Feature(s), Feature Extraction, FERET, Fingerprint Recognition, FpVTE, FRGC, Friction Ridge, FRVT.

Gallery, Gait.

Hamming Distance, Hand Geometry Recognition.

ICE, Identification, Identification Rate, Impostor, INCITS, Indifferent User, Infrared, Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS), Iris Recognition, IrisCode©, ISO.

Keystroke Dynamics

Latent Fingerprint, Live Capture, Liveness Detection, Loop.

Match, Matching, Mimic, Minutia(e) Point, Modality, Model, Multimodal Biometric System, Neural Net/Neural Network, NIST, Noise, Non-cooperative User.

One-to-many, One-to-one, Open-set Identification, Operational Evaluation, Overt.

Palm Print Recognition, Performance, PIN (Personal Identification Number), Pixel, Pixels Per Inch (PPI), Population, Probe.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC), Recognition, Record, Resolution, Ridge Ending, Rolled Fingerprints.

Scenario Evaluation, Segmentation, Sensor, Sensor aging, Signature Dynamics, Similarity Score, Slap Fingerprint, Skimming, Speaker Recognition, Speaker Recognition Evaluations, Speech Recognition, Spoofing, Submission.

Technology Evaluation, Template, Threat, Threshold, Throughput Rate, Token, True Accept Rate, True Reject Rate, Type I Error, Type II Error.

Uncooperative user, User, US-VISIT.

Verification, Verification Rate, Voice Recognition, Vulnerability.

Watchlist, Wavelet Scalar Quantization (WSQ), Whorl