Access Control System Glossary Term P,Chennai India - ATSS


Panic Bar: A device, usually a small electrical switch in a mounting plate, used for unlocking a door in an emergency. A quick release door lock allowing the door to be quickly opened in the case of an emergency situation. Also Known As - Crash Bar.

Parking Gate: A barrier that can be opened or closed to control vehicular access

Passive Infrared (PIR) Detector: A sensor which detects the changes in the radiating infrared light.

Photo Badging:See Badging Software.

Personal Identification Number (PIN): A unique numerical code used to identify an individual.

Piggybacking: 1) More than one individual entering a secure area using one access card. 2) Following an authorized person into a secure area. Also Known As - Tailgating. See Anti Passback.

Primary Code: The main identification information provided by an individual to gain access to a secure area. See Auxiliary Code.

Programmable Card: A card in which data may be encoded.

Programmable Card Reader: A card reader in which instructions for granting or denying access may be programmed.

Proximity: A method of reading a card or key tag without requiring any physical contact between the card/tag and the reading device.

Proximity Card: A card using proximity technology to store and transmit encoded data.

Proximity Reader: A reader capable of reading and interpreting cards using radio frequency identification to encode data.

Push-Button Lock: A locks that opens when a set of push-buttons are pressed in sequence or in unison.