Access Control System Glossary Term G,Chennai India - ATSS


Gate: Typically, a door that is outdoors.

General Protection Fault: An operating system fault that occurs whenever a program executes a command that the operating system considers dangerous to the operating system. When a GPF is generated, the program that generated the GPF is closed and control is returned to the operating system.

Glass break station: A device mounted near the exit door that can be used to release the door in the event of an emergency.

Global Unlock: A normally-open input that, when closed, generates a signal that unlocks all doors in the access control system.

Global Linking: An input at one Access Control panel affecting the output at another.

Ground: 1) An electrical connection with a ground potential point. 2) An electrical connection to a circuit's zero voltage reference point. See Earth Ground.

Guard Tour: A defined route of a security guard.