Access Control System Glossary Term K,Chennai India - ATSS


Key Tag: An access control identification device assigned to an individual to give that individual access rights to an access control system. Typically, the tag is attached to a key ring or similar device to provide quick, convenient access to the tag. Each tag has a unique identification code. That identification code is used by a controller to determine through which doors and at what times of day cardholders are granted access to a secure area. See Card

Keyless Access Control: An access control system that controls access using something other than a key and a lock; typically some kind of reader and an electric door lock.

Key Switch: A lockable switch operated by a key.

Keypad: An alphanumeric grid which allows a user to enter an identification code. A flat device which has buttons that may be pressed in a sequence to send data to a controller, and which differs (said to be “non-QUERTY”) from a typewriter-like computer board.