Access Control System Glossary Term L,Chennai India - ATSS


Latching Relay: A relay that when set (either ON or OFF depending upon the relay configuration), locks into place until reset either manually or by a signal.

LCD: The abbreviation for Liquid Crystal Display.

LED: The abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode.

Lease Line: See Dedicated Telephone Line.

Line Drop: The drop in voltage along a power line caused by the resistance, reactance, and/or leakage in the line's wires.

Load: Any device that converts the computer system’s digital information into analog information and transmits it over a telephone line. Another modem must be used when the information is converted back from analog to digital.

Lock Relay Output: A relay on the controller that changes its state upon command by the controller, locking or unlocking a secure door.

Logging: Creating and storing a permanent record of events that can be reviewed, printed, and analyzed.