Biometric Access Control System - Glossary Of Common Biometric Terms Chennai,India


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Technology that uses low-powered radio transmitters to read data stored in a transponder (tag). RFID tags can be used to track assets, manage inventory, authorize payments, and serve as electronic keys. RFID is not a biometric.

Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC)

A method of showing measured accuracy performance of a biometric system. A verification ROC compares false accept rate vs. verification rate. An open-set identification (watchlist) ROC compares false alarm rates vs. detection and identification rate.

Receiver Operating Characteristic Recognition

A generic term used in the description of biometric systems (e.g. face recognition or iris recognition) relating to their fundamental function. The term “recognition” does not inherently imply the verification, closed-set identification or open-set identification (watchlist).


The template and other information about the end user (e.g. name, access permissions).


The biometric data stored for an individual for use in future recognition. A reference can be one or more templates, models or raw images.


The number of pixels per unit distance in the image. Describes the sharpness and clarity of an image.

Ridge Ending

A minutiae point at the ending of a friction ridge, as illustrated below.

Rolled Fingerprints

An image that includes fingerprint data from nail to nail, obtained by “rolling” the finger across a sensor, as illustrated below.