Biometric Access Control System - Glossary Of Common Biometric Terms Chennai,India


Palm Print Recognition

A biometric modality that uses the physical structure of an individual’s palm print for recognition purposes, as illustrated below.


A catch-all phrase for describing a measurement of the characteristics, such as accuracy or speed, of a biometric algorithm or system.

PIN - Personal Identification Number

A security method used to show “what you know.” Depending on the system, a PIN could be used to either claim or verify a claimed identity.


A picture element. This is the smallest element of a display that can be assigned a color value.

Pixels Per Inch (PPI)

A measure of the resolution of a digital image. The higher the PPI, the more information is included in the image, and the larger the file size.


The set of potential end users for an application.


The biometric sample that is submitted to the biometric system to compare against one or more references in the gallery.