Biometric Access Control System - Glossary Of Common Biometric Terms Chennai,India


Latent Fingerprint

A fingerprint “image” left on a surface that was touched by an individual. The transferred impression is left by the surface contact with the friction ridges, usually caused by the oily residues produced by the sweat glands in the finger.

Live Capture

Typically refers to a fingerprint capture device that electronically captures fingerprint images using a sensor (rather than scanning ink-based fingerprint images on a card or lifting a latent fingerprint from a surface).

Liveness Detection

A technique used to ensure that the biometric sample submitted is from an end user. A liveness detection method can help protect the system against some types of spoofing attacks.


A fingerprint pattern in which the friction ridges enter from either side, curve sharply and pass out near the same side they entered as illustrated below. This pattern will contain one core and one delta.